32" sharp t.v.

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32" sharp t.v.

I have owned a 32" sharp t.v appr. 2yrs. model type 32L1F5. It developed a high pitch squeal after about 13mths (of course after warranty expired). the noise starts after t.v. has been on for about 45 mins. it gets increasingly higher in pitch. the only way it stops is if we turn of the t.v. sometimes we can turn it off and right back on and the squeal is gone. at other times we have to leave it off for over 3 minutes. needless to say it is quite annoying. other than that the picture quality, audio are great. any suggestions to what it might be?

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Try to resolder the Drive

Try to resolder the Drive transformer, Hot, fly, and coils, well most everything in the power supply to be shure. 

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You could have a "singing"

You could have a "singing" coil or transformer, or a deflection yoke.  If you have any electronic knowledge, open the back and see if you can locate where the singing is comming from.  sometimes a coill or transformer can be resoldered to minimize the sound, but most of the time it will take replacing the noisey part to correct this problem.  Sometimes though that noise is an indication that something is going bad in the sweep power supply or the main power supply.  You should have it looked at by a pro if you so not have any TV repair experience as you may ward off an expensive repair in the near future.  Good Luck  And let us know how you made out with this repair of this TV set.


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