Trouble with RCA TH1010

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Ale King
Trouble with RCA TH1010

I ran into trouble with my brand new RCA TH1010 recently. I loaded about 60 songs on it for a trip and when I got back I used Windows Explorer to try and delete the files on the player. Which I have done before with no problem.


Well they wouldn't delete so I formatted the drive. At this time not knowing that it had to be formatted as FAT rather than FAT32 like I did. After that it wouldn't start up. I would just get stuck on the "RCA" opening screen. After research I correctly formatted it to FAT and it seemed to start up well. 


But now I can't add files to it. I can't sync it through WMP either. Windows Explorer will just lock up and crash and WMP with do the same. After it locks up I can play part of the song I was trying to load and after about 10 seconds it stops and cuts into another song that was one of the original 60 that I had on there before the format.


Can anyone help please!!???!!!!? 


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