Pioneer M-L11 Amp Help needed!????Please!

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Pioneer M-L11 Amp Help needed!????Please!

Hi, I have a Pioneer M-L11 Power Amp and the thing just wont work!!!!!!  As soon as I have finished wiring in everythin else I plug in the power lead and switch it on and......Nothin!!!  The power comes on and goes straight off again!!! 

 I have read the article in the forum concerning this model but was wandering if anyone has an update on it and the solution to the problem!?

I have had a little time with electronics and have taken it apart and found a Relay?? I think!!!  That when I switch the unit on, it clicks but dont do what its supposed to!!! If I physically hold the switch on the board in a certain position, it works but is very dodgy to hold!!!!

Do I need to Bin it or can I replace the part???

 Any Help would be gr8!

Many thanks in advance!


First of all, the relay is

First of all, the relay is most likely the speaker relay.  If you are holding the relay closed and the unit works OK, then either the protection circuitry is faulty or the relay driver transistor is faulty.  Located close to the relay should be a small transistor.  Try changing that first.


banditdave and dans repair

banditdave and dans repair thanks for getting back to us. banditdave thats exactly what happens to our system if you have any luck with repair let us know cheers to me it must be a common fault for this system that pioneer is keeping quiet on.


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