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i have been using this unit

i have been using this unit for the last couple of years with
only two speakers and on very low volume radio only.
now i only hear static coming through.what have i done
the fuses look ok.any info welcome thanks rv530r

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I have a Sherwood RV-5030R.

I have a Sherwood RV-5030R. How do I hook up a subwoofer to it? I am also looking for the manual.

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I realize that the age of
I realize that the age of this thread is significant but I just had to say thank you guys for having me at least look inside for the SH 51M fuses. ( 125V 750ma) Both toasted and as yet I have not replaced them but will do so tomorrow when a store here might have them. Just in case the above poster needs an answer to the Subwoofer question, ....   You will need to use speaker level outs, that is, you must run your front right and left speaker wires to the Subwoofer (that has speaker in capacity) first (in most cases) then from the Sub to the front mains.   Again, thanks! None of my newer gear has fuses for overload protection. Not sure why the fuses popped but the thing is older than coffee. It did work quite well although to power a third zone.   Doug k
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And it now works again.....
And it now works again..... Fun to keep legacy equipment in the loop. Thanks again to all that posted the answer. Doug k



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