LCDTV Edge Flicker

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LCDTV Edge Flicker



Am new here. Also desperate Cry
I recently bought a Sharp LC-26DV20U from an online vendor I have dealt with before.

Note: I am now still using analog via current cable box....plan to move up to digital when I find someone 2 buy my arms and legs, lol.

First TV was excellent, except for left image FLICKER, ENTIRE VERTICAL PLANE & in any viewing format.

Sharp knows nuthin about nuthing.Vendor saw pics I made& emailed,said no good; I sent it back, they sent me a second one. Same problem.

I am desperate 2 know....if this owes to my use of analog signal....or if this is something indigenous to the units (now 2)???

For once...I get no data via Google. If it's the unit(s), I will have to send the second one back and pay restock fee and the usual disgusting; if it's the analog signal...I would keep it.

Thanks so much for any input/info!


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