I Can't see my Pics!

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I Can't see my Pics!


I received a mini digital camera bought from Superdrug model SKU No297372. I have taken pictures on the camera but can't download them onto my computer. Each time I try I get an error message telling me there is a connection problem but the camera is connected to the computer vua the usb cable and beeps and lights up to confirm connection has been established. The display on the camera shows my pictures are there and proves how many I have taken so how can I download thwm and view them on my comp??

Matt Whitlock
I didn't see any digital

I didn't see any digital cameras listed on Superdrug's website, so I couldn't look up any details on the camera.  

In many cases, direct connections from a camera to a PC often requires special software or drivers to actually pull images off the camera. This software should have come with the camera. Was a CD included in the box?

Does the camera have a removeable memory card? If so, I'd recommend bypassing the camera entirely by purchasing a card reader for the camera's memory card. You can find them in most electronics stores, and they're pretty inexpensive. A card reader will let you easily transfer transfer images from your memory card.


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