JVC combo recordr (DR-MV5S)

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Future Dr.
JVC combo recordr (DR-MV5S)

Thanks for this excellent site and I hope you to answer my question, please.
Ihave a new JVC DR-MV5S device (to use it together with my PC in video editing), but I have a problem in connecting it to the PC.
DR-MV5S device has an inlet (DV link or what called fire wire), and I connected it to my DELL PC to extract some Videos to my DVD recorder.
But the PC told me that he need some informations about the connected device (I think: the setup).
So, Could you please help me where to found its setup on the internet?

Future Dr.
Jubail Industrial City
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Larry Dillon
Ok, I looked at your problem

Ok, I looked at your problem and frankly I think you are trying to use this unit in a way that it is not designed to work.  The i-Link or coax output is for connecting up a digital camera or to an audio link up.  Also if the unit could be connected to the computer it would say so in the instruction manual and include some type of software with the Unit.  Also when including a model number please include all the letters as you are missing two of them.  I found your unit but there are 8 differant models and they all are not the same.  Some do not include the i-link and some do not include the scart connectors.   Go to www.JVC.com  if you want to contact them reqarding this unit as maybe they have some aftermarket recoqnistion software.  Good Luck


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