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Tex Stra
sony ccd-fx510

I have an 8mm camcorder which is in very good condition.

I am in the process of transfering all my tapes from the past 16 years to a dvd as I just bought a dvd recorder.

My problem is that when travelling, I would pack the camcorder in my check in baggage,  and after a couiple trips, it would get out of focus slightly, so some tapes will play O K, while others require taking it in and having it adjusted to other tapes, then take back again for adjusting to others.

This is getting expensive.  Is there any manual that would show me how to do the adjustment ?  I am fairly good with electronics.



Larry Dillon
These Camcorders are famous

These Camcorders are famous for the tension post to come loose.  if they were simply adjusted to work on the made tapes, the repair person started from the get go on not doing the repair properly.  I have seen all sorts of repairs on thes camcorders.  You are supose to replace the entrance and the exit tension post so this will not happen again.  There was a Sony service bulliten on this type of repair, and Sony said do not just adjust and tighten down the post as it will not hold up.  After the post are replaced, the camcorders tape path is adjusted with a special 8 MM test playback tape made by Sony, so all of the players and camcorders would be just about the same and interchangable.  Yes sir, your problem is simply a matter of interchangeability, and with the tape path being adjusted all the time, it is possible some of your tapes will need to have the tape Path adjusted for each and every tape.  It is not that hard but you need to be able to disassemble the camcorder and still power up the unit, and the adjust the tape path with a special tool.  you also may need a cable extension kit so you can operate the camcorder while it is apart.  That alone my freiend could be a pricy proposition, if it is even available.  I'm just sorry the unit was not repaired properly from word one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but its all up to how much your willing to spend. Good Luck

As Larry stated, there is a

As Larry stated, there is a specific procedure for aligning these machines.  Your model is a very common one and is relatively simple to adjust. But... you must have the right equipment to do it.  The unit should have been aligned to factory spec using the Sony alignment tape.  I would suspect that if you align the unit to a pre-recorded (store-bought) tape, you should have sufficient tolerance in the tracking to be able to play all of your tapes.  As an aside, ALL camcorders will drift in alignment over time.  This is not unique to Sony.  The key is that any re-alignment MUST be to factory spec.



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