Zenuth 27 hdtv C27V36 is not working

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Zenuth 27 hdtv C27V36 is not working

I have no picture or sound. The pwoer LED comes on but nothing else happens. On occasion it will mutter a little bit of sound at me but it is just static sound for about two or three seconds. I was told that it was my power suply but I am not sure what that looks like if someone could maybe help me out I would be very thankful as I am currently watching tv ona 10 black and white until i can fix this problem. Thank you again    the_bean_picker

Larry Dillon
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My freind there is two boards

My freind there is two boards inside this TV set.  One is 299.94, and the other one is 336.90.  Do you really want to try and replace a board and that not be the problem?  the parts distributor will not let you try a board and you return it.  if you have no TV repair experience. Please play it safe and call out a service tech so you can get the parts that is needed for your set.  There will be some adjustments also after you replace the board and you will most likely need the service manual for these alighnments.  It just is not like it used to be in the good old days gone by.  Good Luck and let us know how you made out.


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