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Mp3/Mp4 Help

Hi i am new to the mp world and i am trying to find out if i have cd's/dvds can i download them to my player. I have not purchased one as yet as i know nothing.

Many thanks 

Matt Whitlock
There's a lot of things you

There's a lot of things you can do with an MP3 player. For starters, you can use software on your computer to "rip" CDs you own into compatible music files, and then transfer them to your player. The software you use to do this will largely be dependent on the player you purchase.

DVDs are trickier. If you buy a player capable of supporting large video files, it is possible to convert them into a format compatible with your player. However, DVDs are copy protected, so doing this is more difficult... but not impossible.

Have you looked at any models inparticular? I'm sure me and others here would be happy to give you some pointers on what player to buy. 


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