RCA ColorTrak 2000 messed up TV settings

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RCA ColorTrak 2000 messed up TV settings

I messed up the setting on the TV.  How do I reset them?

The RCA ColorTrak 2000 TV was setup so I could play my VCR
and DVD players.  The screen would display "Input1 91” which
would connect to my VCR and "Input2  92" which would connect
with my DVD player.  I could use the remote channel button to change from
Input1 to Input2 and could change channels.  When I changed channels, no
TV signal would happen since do not have cable or an antenna.  No problem.  I only used the TV to watch Videos and DVDs. 

I thought I would watch some television.  I attached a
rabbit ear antenna.  Using the remote, I pressed the setup button.  I
scrolled down to "autoprogram" and it scrolled through the 52
channels.  I also must of changed some of the other setting.  Now,
the "Input1  91",
"Input2  92" do not appear and the + - Channel control on the remote does not
work.  It will not change channels. I can change channels by pressing the
number keypad on the remote.  The rabbit
ears did not work.  I still do not get a
TV signal on any of the channels. 

How can I reset the setting so I have "Input1  91" and "Input2  92"

I would be happy just to be able to connect with the VCR and
DVD again.  I do not have the manual and
understand that RCA does not have there manuals available on-line.

Many Thanks 




I figured out how to re-set the SetUp options and now can play the DVD and
VCR again.

I have attached rabbit ears to the TV and set the controls to
"Air".  I am not receiving any TV signals.  Any ideas?

Many Thanks

Larry Dillon
I was going to ask you if you

I was going to ask you if you were in air or the cable mode.  Good Luck, glad you had the incentive to find the problem.

I now have a similar problem,

I now have a similar problem, though mine is further complicated by not owning the remote for mine. I am trying to have a VCR and DVD player both hooked up, to V1 and V2 inputs respectively. There is also an ancient NES connected via the Co-axial cable input. Only DVD player gets through, on V1. I am unable to tune in any other channel with the Channel +/- buttons. From research so far, I've learned that the "V1" and "V2" are actually channels 91 and 92. I just cannot get back to manual channel changing. The autoscan only found "V1" and nothing else.

I'm glad you figured it out cs.1, but since I have this problem myself, I was wondering: what _was_ the solution for your problem? How did you reset the Setup options?

I got it to display all

I got it to display all inputs by ensuring all of them were on, and running autoprogram. The sat input is coming into the coax, and the dvd input is plugged into the "input 1" spot. After running the autoprogram function, it now displays two channels I can toggle between: channel 03 for the sat and channel 91 for the dvd. Hope this helps.


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