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JVC AV-27720

Hello Everyone, I have a JVC AC-27720 TV and recently I started to have issues where I would get a horizontal line across the display.  After a while, or a few good whacks to the side of the TV, the picture would come back for a long time or maybe 15 minutes later.

Last week, when I power on the TV, I hear the TV power up and the TV makes a Degause sound, but the picture never displays and there s no audio.  The power led  goes from a solid red to a slow blinking red and again the display does not show a signal.  It almost seems like te TV is in a Standby mode for lack of a better term.  I do not see any kind of reset button or anything else on the TV casing and prefer not to venture inside the TV.

 Does anyone have ideas how to get the TV back up and running, or do you think it has lived its useable life.

I appreciate any comments anyone can offer.


Thomas Yattster

   First  I would try to

   First  I would try to reset  it by unpluging it over night.  You say that when you hit the tv it gets better, that could be a bad solder connection or you may have a short in the crt. I had a set that had a short in the red gun in the crt and there no cure for it but to replace the  tube. if you tap the neck of the crt, not hard enough  to break the glass and see if the lines go away.If not trying tapping lightly around the boards using a rubber handle screw driver, be gentle, and if lines goes off and  on then you probably have a cold solder connection. Good luck Vic from gun barrel city usa

Thanks for your comments Vic,

Thanks for your comments Vic, I will try the reset idea, but right now it seems dead...just a red blinking power light.

 Go figure


I am in need of a user manual
I am in need of a user manual for a JVC TV model no. AV-27720 that I purchased in 1996.  The TV still works great, I just need to know how to work the sleep timer.   Any infor you can provide would be greatly appreaicated.

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