Sony CHC-CL3 sound system: problems with right speaker

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Sony CHC-CL3 sound system: problems with right speaker

I've noticed recently that first thing when I switch my hi-fi system on, the right speaker is either silent or very quiet. It seems to turn on after a minute or so, but obviously I am concerned something is dying and eventually the speaker won't work at all!

Firstly, what's the problem likely to be? Is it more likely to lie with the speaker itself, or the amp unit? Secondly, I extended the cables a few months ago - could it be a bad connection between the old and new wires?

Thirdly, if this turns out to be a real problem, how easily can it be fixed? And what kind of price am I looking at?

Thanks in advance guys.

This could be something as

This could be something as simple as the output relay getting corroded or dirty.  Check this by trying to turn on the system with the volume low.  If this either doesn;t work at all or takes a while, and when performing the same function with the volume turned up the unit works correctly, then the relay is bad.  Changing the relay should cost between $35-$50.


Thanks Dan. Now you come to

Thanks Dan. Now you come to mention it, it does seem to occur when the volume is low at first, and I have rectified it a couple of times by turning the volume right up and then back to normal.

I guess it could be a case of the system needing to 'warm up'?

No warmup involved.  The

No warmup involved.  The internal connection is just getting dirty or corroded.  If you can open up the relay, try spraying it with tuner cleaner.  Otherwise, replace the relay.


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