no sound from my JVC TV

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no sound from my JVC TV



I turned my Tv on one morning and no sound.  It's not on mute and tried to mess with buttons.  The picture is fine and didn't have warning the speakers were acting up.  I got a  3 year son who loves to push the buttons on the TV so, not sure if he did push something. I tried everything, any suggestions?



Larry Dillon
Is there a speaker switch in

Is there a speaker switch in the rear of this TV set?  I do not have a model so all I can do is ask the general questions.  Have you tryed to go into the sound menu part of the set and see if there is a speaker on off switch there?  If not then most likely there is a problem with one of the sweep power supply feeds, or the sound IC went bad.  there hardly is a warning when something is about to break or burn out.  This is going to involve soldering and troubleshooting the circuits inside this TV set,. You will need a multimeter and a service manual.  Please do not attempt this repair if you have no experience with solid state circuit repairs, as there is alot of dangerous HIGH VOLTAGE inside these sets even when they are unplugged. Good Luck,and please let us know hwo you made out with this repair.

My roommates JVC Model# hd

My roommates JVC Model# hd-56g786 TV gives no sound from speakers. when I go into sound menu speakers are turned off. Does anybody know how to turn speakers on (what buttoms on remote to push) to unlock speakers in sound menu. any help with this wound be great...


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