pioneer m-l11

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pioneer m-l11

having trouble with pioneer amp m-l11 basically stays in standby mode. wondered if any body had this trouble with theres and was able to fix it

thanks for any suggestion


Larry Dillon
If I am not mistaking, this

If I am not mistaking, this is a UK model of the pioneer Amp.  First disconnect the speakers and see if it comes on.  If it does not, then there is a short in the output stage most likley one one channel or maybe both.  With out solid state repair know how you really should refer this repair to an authorized Pioneer repair depot.  Good Luck, and let us know if you had the unit repaired.

have already had the unit

have already had the unit repaired once just a bit peaved that the same fault has occured out of its warrenty. Thanks for help


Wayne,  I am attempting to

Wayne,  I am attempting to get a copy of the service manual.  In the mean time, what was the previous repair?  The problem you describe is most likely shourted outputs as Larry stated earlier.  Please post as many details about the previous repair as possible.  That might help.  Thx  Dan

sorry not sure of previous

sorry not sure of previous repair but the system has gone into the same mode as previous [or seems to have] so i just thought it was a common fault that could be rendered.  Never mind just thought i might get some feedback on repairing it and possibly be able to do it  myself as it might  be a common fault, but obviously mines the bad egg in the bunch.


Hi I have the same trouble!!!

Hi I have the same trouble!!!!! I have just posted a similar thread!  I have only put it down to a relay switch inside thats defective but have come here seeking the same help as to what to do!!!  I am going to my local Maplin store to see if they do a similar switch and may replace it and see if it works!!!  If I do I will let you know what happens!!!

Kind Regards



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