phillips magnavox 9P5034C102

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phillips magnavox 9P5034C102

my tv is approximatly 7 yrs old the color is kind of fading or it just not bright any more is this something that can be repaired

My rear projection is about 8

My rear projection is about 8 yrs old. It was turning white also. just today I took the back off of it, and found 2" of dirt on the mirror, screen, and the three lights. just cleaned it with windex. The picture looks like bran new.  Im also having a problem witha halo around faces & words. Any advice

I had to have my Philips

I had to have my Philips repaired recently (control module) and the repairman offered to change out the fluids for an additional 250.00.  Although I didn't take him up on his generous offer, he dod go on to explain that for some unknown reason Philips projection TV's have a condition that causes the fluids to discolor, especially the blue.  This may be the reason you have a halo.

Yes, RustleMKR is correct,

Yes, RustleMKR is correct, the fluid will cause this problem, it is a prolific problem with Philips, although the extended warranty companies call this preventive maintenance and not a failure, so if you don't have a preventive maintenance contract warranty or extended warranty will not pay for this. The price of 250 is about correct, the fluid is not that expensive but it does take allot of time to perform this service, Larry seems to have a procedure that is easy for the home user to change the fluid, although i have never used his method it seems to work fine, i would recommend it.

I am sure Larry will post this for you.

The fluid is about $7.00 for

The fluid is about $7.00 for 16 oz bottles but im not sure how much is needed for each tube. I am going to have to find that out because I am getting ready to try larrys way for mine as soon as I get some replys on my first post.

Larry's link to fluid is:http
I have a projection tv model

I have a projection tv model 9P5034C102 maganvox. I turn it on but only the green light turns on in front of picture no sound.I found a old small glass fuse in the back, its not bad.what can be the problem


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