RCA RT2500 Surround Problem

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RCA RT2500 Surround Problem

Here is a unique one for me.  I have an RCA RT2500 surround receiver.  It has been a while since I have used more than two stereo speakers.  Yesterday I hooked up the surround and center speakers to the unit.  The unit will NOT recognize the surround or center speakers, and no matter which surround selection I try (ie Pro-Logic, 3 Channel Stereo, etc.) the unit still displays only the two left and right speakers, and again will not recognize the surround speakers or the center speaker.  I re-stripped and re-plugged both surround wires and the center speaker wire, and also made sure that there was no excess wire or wires touching.  I tested all the speakers with a multimeter and they are all reading 6 ohms as usual.  This perplexes me.  I unplugged power many times and let it sit one time for over an hour, and still the same thing.  I figure I will check here before paying to have it serviced, or, in this case since it is only an RCA, buying a new unit.  Any suggestions? 

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Nevermind guys/gals.  Helps

Nevermind guys/gals.  Helps when the user figures out how to use the "test/SetUp" button.  I forgot to hold it down for 2 seconds to go into the setup, everything is cool now, they need to make these things moron-proof....


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