Zenith TV A27B33W

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Zenith TV A27B33W

I inherited this older zenith tv so I have no manual.  It has been working fine but today I accidentally pushed a button--don't know which one and the screen said "can't change channel in video" (I think--something like that).  I pushed a few buttons (none of the buttons say video) on the remote trying to erase the message.  Nothing happened.  Just turned TV off by pushing the on-off button on the tv.  Now nothing works.  Tv won't turn on with remote or the button on the tv.  Have plugged & unplugged the tv.  Took batteries out of the remote and pushed all the buttons.  What next? 

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Yes and the tv working again.

Yes and the tv working again.  My husband figured it out in about 2 minutes when he got home.  Thanks for replying.

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Good for you.  Thanks for

Good for you.  Thanks for visiting techlore.com.

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i`ve change d tv tube & know

i`ve change d tv tube & know d height & width need 2 adjust how do igo about that its aA27B33W MODEL


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