Denon CD not speaking

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Denon CD not speaking

Hi Guys

I have a Denon dcd 6.5 that opperates as it should, except it produces no sound,the amp, tuner and tape work ok, i have checked and changed wires, the cd is not sending sound any help would be appreciated

Matt Whitlock
Can you tell us how you have

Can you tell us how you have the CD player connected to your audio system? Have you made any changes recently that would explain the sudden loss of all sound?

There are muting transistors

There are muting transistors inside the CD unit that exist to prevent noise during CD changes or track changes.  I have seen these go bad resulting in no audio output.  As a verification, hook the CD to the tape-in jacks on the receiver (you stated that the tape input worked OK) and verify that the CD player is the culprit here.  You could also have a bad input inside hte receiver (the switching chip could be bad).

Have hooked up to all the

Have hooked up to all the jack points doesnt work in any of them,

can play tuner,tape and md throught the cd jack point, so its not the amp




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