Problem with Surround Sound

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Problem with Surround Sound

I have a Sony STR-DG800 Surround Sound Receiver and a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD cable box. I can't for the life of me get surround sound when I am watching cable TV. I don't get any sound from the cable box optical output at all when I attach it to the receiver.  The picture is fine, but there is no sound.

I have combed through the owners manual and chatted with Sony Support (a waste of time and effort IMHO).

 Any gurus out there to help me with this perplexing problem ?

Matt Whitlock
I don't have access to either

I don't have access to either of these devices, but here's the first few things to check:

1. Some devices will not output audio through digital connections without first engaging some option in the device's menu. Look through your cable box's setup section for any options that control the optical/digital output.

2. Make sure the optical cable is correctly connected to each device. On the receiver end, make sure the optical cable is plugged into to an INPUT, not an OUTPUT.

3. Make sure the optical cable is free of any severe bends. More on this topic here: Winding Your Cables

4. Make sure you've correctly assigned the optical input you're using to the input you wish to use on your receiver. Some receivers label the optical inputs as 1, 2, 3, etc. These must be assigned to an input via the receiver's setup menu so that when you flip the receiver to TV (for example), it looks to the correct optical input for sound. Not all receivers have assignable digital inputs. If so, make sure you're on the appropriate input.

Give those thoughts a go and post back with your results.


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