Samsung Camcorder scx-915 error message

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Samsung Camcorder scx-915 error message

I have a Samsung Camcorder model scx-915 8mm. It has a error message c.  emrg. I have ejected the tape and removed the battery, including memory battery, and it continues to give me the message and self eject the tape. Now the tape compartment is ejected and will not go back in. I can hear the motor run and it starts to pull it in then it quits and ejects to tape. I have had it for about 7 years.

I am not familiar with this

I am not familiar with this specific model, but typical problems that can exhibit these symptoms area as follows:1) Heads are not spinning. This will usually cause the eject.2) Tape not completely loading. Again this will cause eject.3) Unit has jumped time. In other words the loading mechinism is no longer completely coordinated.I'll try and get more specific info. Keep us posted.


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