1982 Zenith TV connection problem

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1982 Zenith TV connection problem

My daughter recently came home with a 1982 Zenith TV.  It surprisingly works fine but we are confused with the connections on the rear of the TV.  There are two UHF and two VHF connection screws (which we understand) but then there is a short (about 3" long) cable with a male end on it. Also, there is another round male connection in between the two sets of screws.  We have been playing around and have a signal (poor) when connecting the screws on the  VHF side and taping th short cable mentioned above to the male round connection that is also mentioned above.  We also cannot seem to attach any components to it where they will work, ie....DVD, VCR.  Any suggestions on 1. what is the cable for;  2. what is the round male connection for, and 3.  can components be attached and how?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.



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