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my daughter owns and IPOD NANO-when we use the USB cable to plug it into our DELL PC-the 'do not disconnect' sign comes up while trying to charge it-when the PC says 'safe to disconnect' (in the rt hand lower corner) and we do-the icon still stays on the IPOD display-it should default or change to something else-I would think.  We have to 'reset' it,  then it comes to the 'apple' icon-then back to 'do not disconnect'.

 Also-I have tried to load the disc that came with the IPOD to add ITUNES and QUICK PLAYER-and to register the IPOD when I have done this and also I have downloaded the latest version of ITUNES from the APPLE website-my daughter has purchased a song from ITUNES and when we plug in the USB port to 'drag' the song to her IPOD to add it to her play list-her IPOD is not recognized on our PC-so we cannot add any songs to her IPOD.

The unit is 6 months old and we have the receipt

Any ideas/solutions would be appreciated

for disconecting it when you

for disconecting it when you have i tunes opened go to the very bottem right hand corner and it will have an icon of an ipod and an arrow click that and look at the ipod and the disconect symbol should go away and then you can disconect it.

i dont know about your other problem 

Billy the Spud
I synced my iPod to my

I synced my iPod to my brother's computer, a while ago, before I had my computer set up. Now, my iPod won't sync with my computer without deleting ALL MY MUSIC ON MY iPOD!! Yell I am, now, thoroughly angry at Apple and almost willing to snap my Nano in half, but it's the only thing that keeps me sane on my bus. I can authorize my computer to allow only 31 songs (enough for about 2 $15 gift cards and a bit more) but I'm sure that's because I downloaded them off iTunes, not from all the music I have stored on my iPod. Altogether, I'd say I'd have to load my computer with approximately 210 songs, which I am NOT willing to do. It'll take far too long for my short attention span. Can somebody PLEASE help me?


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