Unresponsive MP3 Player

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Unresponsive MP3 Player

I got an Acer mp330  but when connecting it and accessing the drive I was getting an error message and explorer would restart.

After that I could access the drive and transfer music to it.

This happened on the next few reconnections and then my pc would not recognise the player at all.

After that I was getting application freezes on other software and general system instability and as a result I have completely reinstalled my o/s.

I however still cant access the mp3 player from my pc, although my system is otherwise fine now and the mp3 player plays whats already on it.

Acer are pretty unhelpful & say send the thing back.

Ive already got 10gb on it andI just want to transfer the rest of my music to the one Ive got.

Are there any tools or workarounds that could help?

I am using windows xp pro service pack 2 on an intel p4 3.4ghz.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


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