i cant edit footage from my sony handycam dcr-dvd105

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i cant edit footage from my sony handycam dcr-dvd105

Could anyone help me by telling me how do i edit my footage taken from my sony handy cam dcr-dvd105 mini dvd in my computer im i've tryd to edit ti but the only thing i could do is watch the footage. I've herd i have to change th VOB file to some other kind of file but have no idea how to do that can enyone help me with this.

Larry Dillon
Sergio, I looked at the

Sergio, I looked at the owners manual, and it seems you will need to go to page 103 of the owners manual and load up the software that came with the camcorder to do what you want to do with the movies that you make.  If you do not have and owners manual, you can get one downloaded for free HERE  It seems to be a bit long according to the owners manual for me to print it out here, when you can simply get one and read it at your leasure.  You will need the software for this, so if you do not have them, go to the sony website here and ask them for another copy.  Good Luck, and let us know how you made out.


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