Toshiba 32 HDTV for Gaming

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Toshiba 32 HDTV for Gaming

Hey Guys,


Great site here...


I just got this Tosbiba 32HL86 for my desktop monitor. My intention was for it to serve mainly my monitor and sometime TV, although another 32 inch is within feet of it as my main

I set it up and got a reasonable resolution and played my game (Battlefield 2142). it was nice but i found the graphic a bit grainy and not as sharp as my crt.

I have an ATIX800 video card {very solid high end card}with DVIand VGA output. I am connected through the DVI with a DVI-HDMI adaptor to the HDMI input of the tv.

Also winodws desktop is a bit grainy, especially noticable with the fonts. I have it set at:

1152 by 648 32 bit

Is this the best i can expect? Not as crisp a pic as my CRT?

I find with some resolutions the window i bring up are below my task bar and i cannot click "OK' or "cancel" if i need to close them.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.




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well you must bear in mind

well you must bear in mind that the higest resolution you can get from a hdtv is 1080x768,which while higher than an old tv is still quite low compared to the 2400x1800 that your video card is capable of and your crt is able to do.Also you may find the resolution better if you can hook up to your tv via a vga plug instead of hdmi. I am using pretty much the same setup and feel your pain,but the resolution isnt that bad and big lcd monitors are still pretty expensive...Cry

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The ATI X800 card should have

The ATI X800 card should have come with a HDTV (YPrPb) cable (Red, Green, Blue) to output to your LCD (I have one and it came with the cable). See the ATI support manual for connecting to different displays here:


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