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philips cdr 950

i am trying to find philips cd-rw's or any cd-rw that is compatible wiht this particular recorder. any help or suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.       thanks,baggins

Larry Dillon
 As with all CD recorders,

 As with all CD recorders, discs must be finalized before you can play them on standard nonrecording CD players. CD-RWs can be unfinalized and rerecorded (either by erasing the last track on the disc or the whole disc), while CD-Rs are permanent once they're finalized--you can't add any more material. More importantly, perhaps, you can never erase anything from a CD-R; once it's been recorded, it's permanent, whether you finalize the disc or not.  Like most component CD recorders, the Philips CDR950BK uses the Serial Copy Management System, which prevents you from making a digital copy of a digital copy. It also means you must use DA-type (Digital Audio) CD-Rs and CD-RWs with this deck. Computer-grade or professional CD-Rs and CD-RWs will not work with this recorder (except for playback, and only if they've been finalized).  Any of these should work fine. Good Luck

larry,much obliged for the

larry,much obliged for the rapid response to my query on the philips cdr. i guess my problem in a nutshell is finding AUDIO cd-rw's as you're correct in the fact that this machine reads all other cd-rw's as data discs. i've tried about all the cd-rw's on the market but have yet to find any digital audio ones. according to the manual. philips states that for best results use (naturally)philips cd-r's and philips cd-rw's. after two weeks of being shuffled around their web-sites and customer support numbers i couldn't find anyone in the company to tell me if they had ever even manufactured any.  so i'll restate my request for any information on digital audio cd-rw's, philips or otherwise. anybody? thanks

Larry Dillon
Are those CD-r for the

Are those CD-r for the Philips at the link I left for you?

unfortunately there was no cd

unfortunately there was no cd-rw's listed on the link. but it was encouraging to see philips brand cd-r.s.

Matt Whitlock
Though you can play back most

Though you can play back most kinds of discs in a home CD recorder, separate "component" style CD-R recorders will not record onto traditional PC media. These recorders require a particular kind of CD-R (known as DA-type), usually labeled as "muisc", "audio", "for music use", or "for home CD recorders". Basically, these discs are no different from regular CD-Rs, except they contain a specific watermark or code on the blank disc that the recorder looks for. These discs are typically more expensive because a portion of the proceeds go to the music industry.

Since home CD recorders have nearly become extinct, it's becoming difficult to find compatible media. However, Amazon still lists several options: You should also be able to find some choices in the larger electronics stores like Circuit City and Best Buy.

Maxcell Audio CD-R:

Fuji CD-RW:

Fuji CD-R Audio:

There's more available if you do some hunting. I can't guarantee your Philips recorder will recognize all of these, but at least you know what you should be looking for.

i have tried the fuji cd-rw

i have tried the fuji cd-rw digital audio discs and this particular model(philips cdr 950) refuses to read them. i guess it's either to old for the new discs or philips just gave up on this format. will keep trying. any suggestions will be appreciated.


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