no sound rear speakers

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no sound rear speakers

Hi ill try and explain this a wee  bit better, i have a hitachi plasma 42pd8700u, with ministry of sound 5.1home theatre system.the system has 2.1 and 5.1 suround sound 3 sets of audio cable 1set to dvd the other to the plasma tv components audio input the tv also has audio and video inputs and sub woofer out. i have tried all audi cables from woofer to plasma audio  inputs. The trouble is i only get sound from front speakers and not the back. Ie with the subwoofer on 5.1 the speaker under the tv only gives sound and on subwoofer 2.1 the stand alone R/L speaker only sound, would it be the plasma doesnt accept 5.1. any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Matt Whitlock
I'd be inclined to think that

I'd be inclined to think that nothing is really wrong. Even though you have 6 speakers, sound will not be coming through all of them all the time when watching television and movies. If someone is just talking, it would be distracting for the voice to come out of all six speakers at once. Rear effects compliment the onscreen action, so they're not used that much depending on the program. If you want more sound to come out of the back, look for a "5 Channel Stereo" mode, if your system supports this option. 

You should double check your audio system setup and make sure the rear channels are turned on. Run the test tone generator and make sure you here the static tone in all six speakers as it travels around the room. If you hear it, everything is fine. If you're connecting your television source to the surround system using red and white stereo cables, the best you'll get is pro logic surround. Digital 5.1 signals only travel over optical digital, coaxial digital connections, or 6 channel analog connections (six wires).

Find a show or movie with a lot of action, and set the audio system to the surround sound mode. You should hear stuff come out of the rear speakers from time to time.

Hi Matt went through

Hi Matt went through everything again all wiring and audio cables ok. put on a dvd and played about with buttons on the woofer and a few buttons on the remote everything ok, Great sound all round, but as you say tv prog just normal sound at least i no i can watch a dvd in suround sound.ive just sussed it iout Matt it was all in the remote control DSP this controls all the speakers in the living room, and all the sound comes from the tv.Matt what can i say ur my number 1 fan, i just found this sihgt through browsing and its brilliant. keep up the good work

ps is ur fingers not sore with typing with us guys that dont know much.


                                                                        thanks again Alex

I have just bought a 42pd8700

I have just bought a 42pd8700 U, and the audio out only seems to be the terestial TV only, which I dont watch as the reception is rubbish.  I plugged my DVD audio out through my amp, and there is a slight delay in the TV sound so it doesnt sync with the picture.  So I would like to get the sound direct out of the TV.

Can you help??? 



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