RCA Stereos rs 2620

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RCA Stereos rs 2620

My stereo keeps turning on by itself. How do I stop it?


Larry Dillon
Is there a remote that goes

Is there a remote that goes to the unit?  Is it close to the receiver?  If it is, try first taking out the batteries to see if the remote is causing the problems.  If it is a remote control unit, and you do not have the remote, is there another RCA unit in the houshold, such as a TV set or a DVD player that is an RCA brand.  I have seen this problem a few times , as some remote funtions on other RCA equipment will activate some other RCA product.  If the answer is NO to all, Im sorry to inform you my freind, there is a problem in the remote sensor or the microprocessor inside the reciver or shelf system.  It could also be maybe an intermittant bouncy power switch..  Good Luck and let us know about this repair.


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