How to power a home made hometheater sub.

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How to power a home made hometheater sub.

I have built a sub/box built and ready to add to my home theatre but I am
running into a problem. I don’t know how to power it? I am looking to pick up a
2 channel power amp and bridging it to power my sub. Something like an Adcom
GFA-555 as they are very reasonable on eBay. My problem is I need to find a low
pass crossover for the system with gain (to control the sub volume). Are there
any receivers/sound processors/crossovers out there that can do all this for
me? I have found many for car audio but that means I have to run a 12v power

Any help would be great.



Larry Dillon
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You should run whats called

You should run whats called an active crossover for this sub as its adjustable for your range of speakers you have used. you can buld one from this site,  or you can purchace one pre-made if you wish from here  there are tons of on-line places to get a active crossover.  Good luck and I hope you let us all know how you made out with this.

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I'm sure you have already

I'm sure you have already figured out something, but for others searching, the best way to go is a separate plate amp from a place like Parts Express ( They have a wide range for all levels of power and quality. The plate amp will have all of crossover work included within.


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