Onkyo TX-SR500 Receiver display

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Onkyo TX-SR500 Receiver display

Fellow owners of broken electronics;

    I have an Onkyo TX-SR500 that works fine but the display went out a couple weeks ago.  I called an Onkyo repair place and I can't see giving them $50 just to look at it and tell me they need to replace the display.  It's no problem for me to pop it open and replace but I can't find anywhere to purchase the parts. Are there any places that I can just order the display and replace it myself?   

 thanks for any help you can provide.

Larry Dillon
 The Display is an LCD. 

 The Display is an LCD.  Maybe just a bad bulb or power going to the bulbs that illuminat the LCD.

It's a green display.  I

It's a green display.  I would guess LCD but I'm not sure.  All of the info that lights up on it is visible on the display when it's turned off.  It's just behind a dark cover.  


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