DVD Player wiht 2.1 connected to an Amp thru optical out

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DVD Player wiht 2.1 connected to an Amp thru optical out

I have a DVD Player with a Optical output and a 2.1 Channel output...my question is if I connect this to an Amplifier which has a 5.1 output connected to speakers - and I play DVD Movies on my DVD Player ( has 2.1 only - but connected to a amp thru optical out ) - will I be getting the full 5 channel output on my speakers.....

Matt Whitlock
Just about any modern-day DVD

Just about any modern-day DVD player should be able to send Dolby
Digital and DTS 5.1 signals through the optical output. If your
amplifier/receiver has an optical input, it should also be able to
decode these 5.1 signals and output the audio to the connected speakers.

order to receive 5.1 channel surround, the movie must contain a 5.1
channel audio track encoded in either Dolby Digital or DTS. If the
movie is older, or does not have a discrete 5.1 channel track, the DVD
player will output whatever is on the disc, be it Dolby Surround 2.0,
or even mono. In the case of stereo signals, your receiver can be set
to process these in the Dolby Pro Logic format (or any other DSP
post-processing mode) to come out of more than just the left and right
channels. The available options will vary from receiver to receiver. 


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