No sound out of speakers -- receiver or speaker wire?

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No sound out of speakers -- receiver or speaker wire?

No stereo sound from home theatre system. I am using wharfdale surround sound 5 speaker set with TV/CD/Receiver system.  I had one speaker working.  I used that working speaker wire to test all the other speakers and the produced sound -- so, the speakers themselves are ok.   The wires are coming from a Panasonic SA-XR50 AV control reciever which is 2 years old. The outputs for the speaker wire are the 'clamp down' type.  with two that are 'screw cap'.  Now, none of the speakers are working.  I am back to using the sound from the TV. 

Can anyone help me with this problem? any suggestions?


Larry Dillon
If you tested all of the

If you tested all of the speakers, you basicly answered your question my freind.  Your reciver/amp has a problem in it.  Sorry to say bud, but in these cases it is nor worth having these types of recivers repaired.  it would cost about the same if not more to repair it as it would to replace it now a days.  It is just a shame, We the greatest nation around, have become a throw a way society!Cool

Ya, totall agree.  I might

Ya, totall agree.  I might just check the speaker wires one more time but think you are right and the reciever is shot.  2 years is too short to throw out technology.  or is there a way to recycle equipment? maybe if we looked at the total cost of the repairing vs throwing out the item, I should get it repaired.  eg. what is the cost of technology in land fill and pollution? 

thanks for your prompt response!


Larry Dillon
No problem man, But you must

No problem man, But you must remember, the manufacturers make these things now to last only a couple of years or they try to. Its a throw away society. Its a shame bud but what it is is what it is! Thanks for getting back to us. and good luck. OH by the way I really hope you go on and look at all the great stuff we have here at techlore. Lots of very informative articles. Go for it!

Hi guys ive just bought a

Hi guys ive just bought a plasma  and suround sound seperate deals hitachi 42 and 5.1 suround sound. the prob is im only getting 5.1 ie the speaker under the tv and wen i put it on 2.1 the 2 stand alone R/L only work It has a remote test on it and all the speakers work.everything else works dvd cd and tv with only the 2 speakers the rear 2 only work on test,any ideas most appreciated alex



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