cd player not reading

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Willie Dynamite
cd player not reading

My Numark cdn95 dual cd player doesn't read and ejects all discs after a few minutes of use on the right deck.  I tried running a lens disc cleaner a couple of times but still the same result--what could be wrong with this unit? Motor? Dust? I am tempted to open it up and see if i can clean it out or something....anyone had this or similar trouble? What happenend?

Larry Dillon
Willie, these decks are used

Willie, these decks are used for DJ work and most of the time they get alot of hours on them. Go to and leave a message and say you want to see how much an exchange deck is or the exchange cd drive. They used to be able to exchange each drive when they went bad. Are you having problems with both decks? If so it could be a power supply problem. If not, then most likely the laser is bad or the spindle motor is bad. Good Luck and let us know how you made out.


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