can`t transfer music

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can`t transfer music

Help! I have just bought a sony walkman with a radio in it and although I am following instructions I cannot get any music into the i-pod There are further instructions available on adobe but I can`t get that either.I also don`t know how long to charge it up as that is on the adobe instructions. Can anyone help please?

Matt Whitlock


You've got a lot of technology terms and brands in there, but unfortunately, it's not very clear what your problem is. Let's try to clear things up a bit so others may be able to help you.

1. You say you bought a Sony Walkman with Radio. What model?

2. When you say "cannot get any music into the iPod" are you referring to the Sony Walkman, or an actual Apple iPod? If it is an iPod, what model?

3. If you are talking about an iPod, are you trying to get music from the Sony Walkman with Radio into the iPod?

4. I'm not quite sure how Adobe fits into this. Do you mean Apple?

The more clear you can be about your situation, the better chance we can get you some help. Please be specific, because the small details really do matter in these cases.

Hi, sorry to be vague but it

Hi, sorry to be vague but it`s a sony walkman digital player nw-e002f I bought one for my son as well but he`s transferred music onto it o.k. but he lives in Japan and can`t help me.The adobe bit was just a help download which I couldn`t get. I thought the music was being transferred into the walkman but it was just going onto my P.C. I can`t ask the shop where I bought it as it`s too far away.As you can tell by my nickname I`m not very bright with this sort of thing. Thanks for replying. Mick.

Matt Whitlock
Okay, let's get you up and

Okay, let's get you up and running. 

  1. First, you need to install the Sony SonicStage music suite for your Network Walkman device. If you have the CD that came with it you can install it from there, or you can download the latest version from here: />
  2. Install the software, and restart your computer
  3. Start the SonicStage software
  4. Import your digital music into SonicStage (Note: Sonic Stage will not import copy-protected music tracks in WMA or AAC formats (music purchased from various online stores and iTunes).
  5. Once you import your music, select the song(s) you'd like to transfer to your device, and press the transfer button.  You should then be able to listen to your music.

At some point, you may be asked by the software to "authorize your player". The Network Walkman you own can only be used with 5 different PCs at any given time. If the software prompts you to authorize, you should say yes.

Support documentation for the NW-E002F can be found here:

Hello again re walkman thanks

Hello again re walkman thanks again for your help. I think the problem maybe that it is not charging up when plugged into the computer. I have tried two different ports and left it in for quite a while but it reads battery low. Probably that is why it is not transferring music. Do you know how long the battery should be charged up for? I have left it in for 2 or 3 hours.


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