Nikon Coolpix 5700 troubleshooting black LCD monito

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Nikon Coolpix 5700 troubleshooting black LCD monito

LCD monitor is black...although the icons show, the battery is charged, the lens zooms, the shutter's just BLACK as though the lens caps was on.  Strangly, the card that was in the camera when it stopped working, loaded very askewed.  It put pictures in the wrong order and duplicated pic after pic...always giving it the same last number, but changing the tens column....  Like 00561, 00571, 00581 and so on.  I went through the manual and nothing listed is the problem.  Viewfinder is not on, lens cap is not on, and no cables connected.  Ideas anyone?

Thanks!  Annie in Indy

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I recently had this same

I recently had this same problem except nothing happened with my pics.  I am getting just a black monitor and viewfinder.  I went to the Nikon website and asked them about this and they sent me a link back to a service advisory page on their site.  Apparently some of their cameras have an electronic problem and they will fix the problem for free.  Go to this link for the info:

I will be sending my camera ASAP and I hope it will solve the problem.  Good luck!


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I was on a cruise in the

I was on a cruise in the Bahamas with my wife last week on our anniversary and mine did the same thing. It drove me crazy because I thought something I did made the screen go blank.


I will be sending the camera back ASAP.

Cathy, how long did it take to get your camera fixed and returned to yiou?




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Problem Solved! I had the

Problem Solved! I had the same problem and thought something was wrong with my coolpix5700. All i did was replace the batteries and everything went back to normal.


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