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Help Please

 I just bought a new out of the box mp3,128Mb  player i plugged in the usb cable in back of computer,it turned on like it was supposed to ,i then had to leave, and pulled out the usb cable while computer was still on., without using disconect usb cable safty mode.when i tried plugging it back in now nothing happins,it wont even turn on,ive tested battery and usb jack works fine,Can anyone help me or do i have to return it ,HELP!!!! Mike O

Matt Whitlock
Normally when hiccups like

Normally when hiccups like this occur, I would recommend you try the unit in a different computer. However, since you did yank the cable without first ejecting the unit in safety mode, it's possible you've damaged the device.

Try it in an alternate PC first, and if it still doesn't respond, you may want to consider returning or exchanging it.


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