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i have a Sharp stereo and for the past few months everytime i go to turn it on it says "protect" and won't let me do anything. anyone know what to do? thank you!

Larry Dillon
First thing to try is to

First thing to try is to disconnect the speaker wires from the BACK of the stereo system, turn it on and see if it does the same thing. if it does not and clicks on with a normal display, one of the speaker wires or the speaker itself is bad. in case it does come one, connect up the speaker wires back to the rear of the sytem one at a time till the unit fails. if it does the same thing when you take off all the speaker wires, there is a short somewhere inside the sound output section of the system. Unless you know how to read a service schematic diagram, and trouble shoot solid state circuit boards there really is nothing a user can do. As there are no user replaceable parts inside these units and must then be serviced by a trained service tech. Most likly though a repair on a unit such as this will exceed the cost of a new one, but if you wish have it checked out. Please let us here at Techlore know how you made out with this system and Good Luck


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