can someone please help me with my sony microphone?????

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can someone please help me with my sony microphone?????

Hey guys,

am very very frustrated....have just bought a sony microphone ECM-Z60, but I am being incredibly thick and cant work out how to use.....


apparently you can record your lectures on this microphone, hook it up to your mini-disc player and then playback the lecture....but it just isnt working.....i have talked into the microphone, then hooked it up to my minidisc player and pressed record on the minidisc player, but when i play back through the mini disc player, it doesnt work???


Please could someone put me out of my misery and explain to me how to use it....many thanks

Matt Whitlock
Here's a few thoughts,

Here's a few thoughts,

First, you must have a mini-disc
recorder with a microphone input. Plugging the microphone into a
line-level input probably won't work.  

If you do have a compatible Mini-disc recorder, make sure you have replaced the battery in the battery box. The
ECM-Z60 requires one CR2025 Lithium button cell battery. The recorder
you're using won't power the microphone, so you must make sure the
power switch on the battery box is on.

you want to test microphone to verify that it's working, connect it to
a computer microphone input. If it's working, you should be able to
record something on your computer.


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