Zenith B32A34Z 32" Problem Hepl!!!

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Zenith B32A34Z 32" Problem Hepl!!!

I have a Zenith B32A34Z 32" with pip.
The other day I turned it off. Went back and it would not turn on. It clicks on and then off. I unplugged over night and the next day when I plugged it in it would do nothing for about an hour, then it turned on and worked fine all day.( being turned on and off) The next day it went back to the clicking on and off. On about the fourth try it came on, but when I tried to change the channel it would turn off. This went on a few times then it stayed on. No some days it clicks and some days it works fine and some days you have to turn it on a few times before it stays on. Is it something I could check, should I take it to a tech or just throw it away?
Thanks for the help


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