36 inch RCA Color Trak Plus

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36 inch RCA Color Trak Plus

This TV has the picture in picture. I have had it for about 7 years. The picture was always kinda fuzzy but because of the weight I never had it fixed and just became accustomed to the picture. Well it finally gave out. It won't turn on. My question is what is a reasonable price to get it fixed and how do i go about finding a local expert? I know it could be a number of things wrong with the TV and a wide range estimate is expected. I really appreciate any direction you can give me.



Larry Dillon
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Tracy, If it is the model I

Tracy, If it is the model I think it is, the bad parts in this set is no longer available.  Please give me the complete model number and or the chassis number.  the chassis number will or should start with a CTC. 


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