how do i download apicture from my mobile to p.c.

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how do i download apicture from my mobile to p.c.

 thank you for any help i have a k800i sony ericcson and i have got some photographes i would like to download onto my p.c. it has windows xp im sure it will be simple if any one can go threw the procedure with me i would appreciate it

Matt Whitlock
The k800i stores photos on a

The k800i stores photos on a small memory stick micro inside the phone. The easiest way to get photos from your phone to your PC would be to purchase a Memory stick micro adapter and USB memory stick card reader. The adapter is harder to come by, but Sony sells one on their website for ten bucks. 


As far as the card reader goes, all major electronics stores should carry multiple kinds. Just make sure it supports memory stick media. 

You could also use bluetooth to transfer photos wirelessly. Do do this you'll need a bluetooth adapter for your computer, like this one:

I'd opt for the memory stick adapter and card reader though. Bluetooth can be a pain to set up, and the transfer speed would be very slow.

Let us know how it works out. 


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