My stup iitronics imp 65 series needs a driver!!!

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My stup iitronics imp 65 series needs a driver!!!

I have just bought a new mobile and with it came a free mp3 player (iitronics imp 65). i plugged it in my windows 98 SE computer and it recognizes it. but then it says that it needs a driver! i search the computer and it doesn't find one. i have tried everything i know and I had another mp3 player which nothing like this. what do i do??   Someone help plz!!!!!

Also, when i look on 'my

Also, when i look on 'my computer'  it doesn't show the removable disk E:     

somone pleassssee  reply to this and help me cos i don't have a reciept for the mp3 player because i got it in an offer where it came free...   i know i have nothing to lose if it came free but i am going to give it to my sis 4 a x-mas present. can anyone tell me at least where i can get  driver for it or how i can fix it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeee!!!

Matt Whitlock
Inovix (the company that

Inovix (the company that makes the IMP-65), doesn't list Windows 98 as a compatible OS for the IMP-65, and doesn't have a driver available for download from their site. What's more strange is that they list Windows ME as a compatible OS, which is not much different than Windows 98.

Doing a few searches, I did find a site that claims to have a Win 98 driver for the IMP-65:

Since it's not from the manufacturer, exercise extreme caution, and download at your own risk.

If you do decide to try it, please let me know if this driver works. I'd like to archive it for users that have the same problem down the road.

Good luck.


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