Connecting HDTV, DVR and DVD player

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Connecting HDTV, DVR and DVD player

Looking for help.  I just got a new DVD player and my hookups
give me no video.  I am wondering if the DVD player that I got
simply won't work or if I am just an idiot and can't figure it out.



27" Sharp Aquos LCD TV

Comcast Motorola DVR

DVD - RCA progressive scan

  (Used to have a Zenith DVD/VCR combo)


have my TV connected to the DVR with an HDMI cable.  TV is
connected to the DVD player with a S Video.  Audio out to DVD
player.  Audio and video from DVR to DVD.  Now, this was
working fine with the DVD/VCR combo.  With my new setup, I get
audio but no video.




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