RCA TH1010 - Downloaded files do not play

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RCA TH1010 - Downloaded files do not play

New RCA 512 MB MP3 flash player.  Problem: Downloaded songs show on the display, but no audio.  The player is a "DRM WM compatible" unit.  It will not play any music files.  Tried MP3 files from non-copy protected first, no joy.  Read the manual and found the comment "music files may need profiling".  Read that the noncopy protected MP3 files needed to be "profiled and sorted" in this forum.  And, that Musicmatch would also automatically profile existing music files - nope.  Also, checked that the Windows Media player rip setting was unchecked for copy protect, re-ripped.  No joy on anything.  Set WMP 10 to plain window media audio format.  no luck, tried MP3 format, again no luck.

I have not purchased any tunes over the web, all I am trying to transfer is tracks I ripped from my CD's. 

I installed the CD supplied with the player at the beginning.  Running XP and updates and Windows Media Player 10.  Installed again twice, no joy.

When connected to the PC the display shows ready, then when transferring it flashes "writing".  everything looks OK, except no audio when a track is supposedly playing.  Any ideas anyone?



OK I found the problem, you

OK I found the problem, you have to hit the power button to start the playback.  My bad, I thought I had read the manual through, and I missed it.  Just downloaded MP3's from Windows Explorer files with no problem.


The sound is very good, the only thing I miss now is that the TH1010 does not have a tuner. 


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