Canon ZR45 No Power

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Canon ZR45 No Power

I have a canon zr45 camcorder that just stopped working.  The power button blinks but no power from cord or battery.  I have a separate battery charger which tell me the battery is fully charged but still no power.  Any suggestion????  Thanks.

Larry Dillon
Generally, when a small

Generally, when a small camcorder stops working, there is a problem with the power supply or the mechanism is jamed due to a breakage of a part or gear, and the mode switch sends a signal to the microprocessor that there is a problem with the mechanism, as the mode switch is how the micro knows where the camcorder mechaism is at all times.  It could be a simple rail or gear breakage, BUT these are not repairs for the consumer.  These are repairs for the trained tech, experienced in camcorder repair.. You may have the know how to take one apart, but you are going to need special extenstion cable kits, designed to help a tech make the camcorder a disassembled working camcorder, as the camcorder uses tons of thin jumper flex cables that need to be take out during disassembley, so to work on on while diassembled, you need to install service cables.  This kit of cables is differant with every camcorder and can cost up to 200 bucks per kit.  My advice would be to send it directly back to canon, after you speak to them on the phone, as the number will be in the user manual and they may still have a flat rate to repair, as they did several years ago when I was an authorized canon camcorder repair center.. Or send to one of the addys Im leaving you here , and I have first hand knowledge that all these companys will treat you fair, as I have sent my friends and relitives to them.  Good luck and let us know how you made out please.  Or


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