iRiver H10 1gb charging cable issue

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iRiver H10 1gb charging cable issue

I somehow managed to lose the USB charging cable for my iRiver H10 'junior' (the 1GB player) and now can't find a replacement anywhere!  The cable is 18pin-to-USB and I suspect it's the same cable as those used for the larger players in the H10 series. However, I can't find a verification on this anywhere and nobody in any shops seem to be able to help me either. So I turn to you -

can I use a cable advertised for the 5gb/6gb/20gb players to charge my 1gb player? If not, does anyone know what cable I can use and where to get one? (I'm in the UK). Thanks!

Matt Whitlock
As you have found out, the

As you have found out, the iRiver H10 uses a proprietary USB/Charging cable. For some reason, iRiver doesn't make this cable easy to find on their site, but they do have it available online for purchase. 

US link | UK Link

The UK site currently lists the H10 cable as out of stock, but you should be able to purchase one at some point.

Best of luck. 



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