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tft tv's


    New to this site though I'd give it a go to see if I can get some answers to a question I have.

I bought a 7" tft tv to use in my caravan ( which has already got one of those circular status aerials ) however no matter where I go the reception is crap to say the least. So I thought I would buy an ordinary tv aerial and mount it on a collapsable high pole for when on site, again reception is very poor.  However when looking around other caravans they seem to be getting good pictures on ordinary tv sets using the same set up that I am using while I am struggling to get some channels let alone watch them.

This little tft tv gives excellent pictures when I connect it to the aerial I use at home for my domestic tv, so I thought that while at home I would put up the aerial on the caravan and see what reception I got on the tft tv, it would only pick up bbc1 and again very poor quality, I then disconnected the tft tv and put the aerial lead into an ordinary tv,it got 3 of the channels 2 were watchable and bbc1 was very good.

Firstly would one of those high gain aerials solve the proble or does an ordinary tv have something inside of it that the tft tv does not to get better pictures.


Larry Dillon
If you are parking the

If you are parking the vehicle outside of the place where the set works good with a built in antenna or your home antenna, then I would say the loading coils or the connections on the vehicle antenna are bad.  The correct way to see would be to have someone hook up an RF level meter and see how much gain is comming directly out of the vehicle antenna,   If you have no access to a meter use the TV set.  If it is more at the antenna base, then I would say check your wiring to the rest of the vehicle.  If very little gain is comming out replace the antenna with a high gain vehicle antenna.  Hope this helps. Good luck and please let us know how you made out


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