Gamecube not working

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Gamecube not working

I have a Nintendo Gamecube, but it is getting very old now, I think I have had it for over 4 years.

i just bought FIFA 07 just yesterday for the Gamecube, and now it isn't
working. It jus stops spinning the disk for some reason just at the
start of a game, and sometimes it then doesn't spin when I restart it.

is not the first problem I have had with it, as FIFA 06 did the same,
but I put that down to the disk as it was very scratched, and all my
games, new and old at some point stop working.

The message that comes up is

'Game disk could not be read.

Consult the Nintendo Gamecube booklet for more details'.  

can't afford another console, and FIFA cost me a bit and I can't return
it, so any way of fixing this cheaply or telling me what I can do to
help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. 


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