How to copyright protect mp3's

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How to copyright protect mp3's


I want to add a load of songs to my friends itronics mp3 player. Is there anyway of once they are on his player somehow protecting them so he cant transfer them back onto his pc and share them elsewhere?

Or is there anyway of changing the file name so when trying to drag the files onto the pc windows wont allow it?

I'd appreciate any help

Thank you 

Matt Whitlock
Unfortuately, there's not

Unfortuately, there's not much you can do to prevent him from
transferring the music files to another computer, since it doesn't
appear the iitronics player is capable of playing back copy-protected
songs to begin with. Without copy-protection, music files can be shared

IF his player does support DRM'd WMA files
(not sure which model your friend has), you could rip the songs from a
CD using Windows Media Player with the "copy-protect music" option
enabled in the options menu (located under "ripping"). You'll then need
to transfer those files to his player using Windows Media Player. 


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